EIFD works in more than 30 countries in Africa, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.

About us

The European Institute for Democracy (EIFD) assists political parties in new and developing democracies. The institute’s approach is characterized by facilitating dialogue between political parties, organizations and individuals. EIFD provides safe environments for political parties in a country to collaborate, overcome challenges and work together on various political issues. We operate in Africa, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe and we seek to enhance democracy by facilitating collaborative projects between various political parties and political movements. EIFD also works to advance democracy worldwide, as a universal human aspiration and an enabler of sustainable development, through support to the building, strengthening and safeguarding of democratic political institutions and processes at all levels.

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What we stand for?

The European Institute for Democracy stands for the respect of human rights, promotion of gender and social equality, democracy, good governance and sound economic management, which are essential cornerstones of development.

We bring together the expertise of specialists from various sectors of democracy support (human rights, media, parliaments, parties, elections, executive leadership and much more.)

Stable Democracy

Multiparty democracy is generally considered as the system that provides the best conditions for human rights.

Our Training Program

A pluralistic political discussion and the ability of politicians to peacefully impact socio-political development.

About us

We have a multiparty identity that gives us legitimacy to work impartially with leaders from across a country's political spectrum.