Our Principles

Our Principles

The EIFD's priorities align with our goal of creating a world of prosperous democracy that value freedom, human dignity, and human rights. These principles contribute to the strengthening of democratic political institutions and structures, as well as the promotion of an inclusive and pluralistic conception of democracy.

Involves wide participation by citizens in the decision-making process.

Freedom of expression.

Voting rights for selection of representatives.

Nonpolitical and nonpartisan bureaucracy and defense infrastructure.

Limited terms of elected officials.

Empowerment of the citizens.

Assurance of political rights of citizens as indicated by:

  • Fair and competitive elections.
  • Power for elected representatives.
  • Safeguards on rights of minorities

Assurance of civil liberties as indicated by:

  • Freedom of press.
  • Equal rights of everyone under the law.
  • Personal social freedom.
  • The degree of freedom from governmental indifference or corruption.