Stable Democracy

Stable Democracy

Multiparty democracy is generally considered as the system that provides the best conditions for human rights, the rule of law and peace and security. By strengthening political parties and encouraging collaboration between them EIFD contributes to stronger democracies, democracies where the voices of people count, governments are accountable, and policies create basic conditions for sustainable socio-economic development.

Polarized relations between a country’s political parties make it difficult to pursue reforms that are needed for democracy, peace and development. Trust and cooperation between parties is essential. Intra- and inter-party dialogue is often an inclusive and sustainable way for governments to find solutions to complex national issues. Dialogue requires politicians to properly engage with one another—to reflect, exchange views and seek consensus on the best solutions for citizens.

Most of EIFD’s work is based on the method of multilateral decentralized cooperation. This method involves a multi-stakeholder approach, which focuses on strong partnerships between local authorities and different civil society organizations. These partnerships create positive synergy and ensure that common goals are reached jointly and successfully. In the cadre of promoting good governance and citizen participation at the local level, EIFD focuses on various themes, such as decentralization, civic initiatives, European integration, volunteering, human rights, and sustainable economic development.

EIFD supports key stakeholders by providing a wide range of services, such as training and capacity-building activities, technical assistance, and ad hoc consultancy on different topics, including: project development and implementation, project financial management and audit, EU institutions, EU funds and programmes, citizens participation (methods and techniques) and non-formal youth education.